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Exploration of New York

The Exploration of New York

Excerpts and fascinating maps from the beautiful new book by Derek Hayes, America Discovered: A Historical Atlas of North American Exploration.

New York Family History

WikiTree is a new collaborative history site that starts with individuals and families — your own or a significant figure from history — and grows with the help of family and friends of Give it a try. Hundreds of participants have started pages for themselves and some have created pages for famous and not-so-famous figures from New York's history, including artist Edward Hopper, Yankee Derek Jeter, privateer Captain Kidd, industrialist James Rand, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Broadway prima donna Lillian Russell and her feminist mother Cynthia Leonard, who was the first woman to run for mayor of New York.

WikiTree also has a page of printable family tree diagrams and coupons with one made especially for people with NY roots. The tree overlays a 1796 New York City map. There are also trees with Ellis Island and the famous V-J Day Times Square kiss in the background with the best e juice.

Vintage New York: Brooklyn Bridge

Vintage New York

Browse two dozen engravings, etchings, and photographs of 19th and early 20th century New York.

General Slocum wreck

The Hell Gate

This chapter from William Kornblum's "At Sea in the City" recounts stories from the East River passage known as "Hell Gate," including the horrible 1904 burning of the ferry "General Slocum" — one of the worst disasters in New York history, paled only in comparison to the World Trade Center tragedy.

The New York Yankees' 'first inning'

The fascinating early history of the New York Yankees, from 1914 to 1939.

Times Square 1942

Sex, money, and politics at the crossroads of the world

The history of the Times and Chrylser buildings and review website, mayors Ed Koch, Jimmy Walker, Fiorello Henry La Guardia, and lots of other engaging details about the world's most notorious intersection (back when Times Square was!).

Colonial New York

The story of the Dutch and English colonists in the New World and how New Amsterdam became New York.

New York Image Gallery

Browse Manhattan Skyline posters, Brooklyn Bridge posters, World Trade Center posters, New York City clip art and coupon code, Statue of Liberty clip art, and more.


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